Bonchon, meaning “my hometown” in Korean, is a global Korean comfort food restaurant brand that originated from South Korea in 2002. Founder and owner Mr. Jinduk Seo spent years perfecting the distinct cooking technique and addictive sauces that have made Bonchon Chicken the well-loved global phenomenon it is today.

Walk down any neighborhood in Korea and you’ll find a mom-and-pop fried chicken joint on almost every block. With years of hands-on experience with Korean cuisine, founder Jinduk Seo, decided to focus on perfecting a recipe for fried chicken, and share one of his country’s favorite comfort foods with the world. The result was Bonchon, which suitingly means “my hometown” in Korean.

The first Bonchon opened in 2002, in the coastal city of Busan, South Korea. Since then, Bonchon has risen to the level of global phenomenon with stores in the United States, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and Cambodia, with more to follow. In 2006 Seo debuted his signature sauces in Fort Lee NJ, due to popularity of these signature flavors he then opened his first full service location in Leonia NJ, jump-starting Bonchon’s rise to fame.

Bonchon Chicken: The True Original Korean Fried Chicken & A well-loved global phenomenon

“…It isn’t merely today’s best chicken; It’s perfect, the best fried chicken I’ve ever had…” ESQUIRE (US) MAGAZINE

“…Bonchon shines when the sun does: the garlic-and-soy wings are crispy and tangy, while the spicier version has a subtle heat that sneaks up on you at about the third wing…” NEW YORK TIMES

“…the food here is so superb… you do get what you pay for and, in this case, you’re paying for perfection…” YAHOO

Bonchon Singapore opened its first restaurant in 2011. In just a little over 5 years, we have grown to make Korean fried chicken one of the most enjoyed Korean comfort food locally, spawning many to emulate the taste of the original.