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Wednesday September 20th

Introducing our Brand New Honey Butter Chicken and Rabokki!

Bonchon are thrilled to introduce two new dishes that will take your taste buds on a journey. Say hello to the Honey Butter Chicken and Rabokki!
Wednesday August 30th

Win Tickets to Korea with Bonchon’s Exciting “Anything la” Campaign

Participate in Bonchon’s Anything La campaign and stand a chance to win tickets to Korea.
Monday August 14th

Top 5 Restaurants in Hillion Mall: Exploring the best Asian restaurant in Singapore

When shopping and wanting delicious food, visit these 5 Asian restaurants at the Hillion mall for your fast food craving.
Thursday August 10th

Bonchon Hillion Promotions: Get the Best Deals for Your Next Meal!

At Bonchon, we’re always looking for ways to give our customers the best dining experience possible. That’s why we’re excited to announce our latest promotions for the next two months. From student deals to lunch promotions, we’ve got something for everyone
Tuesday March 14th


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