Our Mission is to Spread the Joy of HAND-BATTERED, DOUBLE-FRIED, CRAZY CRISPY Korean Fried Chicken Around the World.

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Our Secret

“Bonchon shines when the sun does: the garlic-and-soy wings are crispy and tangy, while the spicier version has a subtle heat that sneaks up on you at about the third wing…” – NEW YORK TIMES


Korean fried chicken is made to order using the unique double frying method perfected by founder Jinduk Seo.


All of our dishes are made to order, and prepared with only the freshest, quality ingredients available.


Our sauces are made only in Busan, South Korea, so every customer experiences the same authentic taste, no matter where they are.


Enjoy a truly authentic, yet healthy Korean dining experience at Bonchon – with zero trans-fat chicken meat, fresh vegetables and fresh ingredients to give you the best tasting comfort food without needing to feel guilty.


Here at Bonchon, we offer you the widest range of authentic hometown comfort food besides our world famous Korean fried chicken. Check out our latest menu and pick the ones you love before visiting our restaurants!

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